Quantum Toffoli gate in hybrid optomechanical system

恭喜雷鹏同学论文被Result in Physics 录用,雷鹏同学为本校本科生,擅长数值模拟也有很好的理论功底。该论文是“基于光力系统量子信息处理的研究”课题中的一部分。


A quantum Toffoli gate based on optomechanical system is proposed. By exploring the hybrid optomechanical system, we show that there are equivalence third order Kerr nonlinear effects between optical and mechanical modes. Through parameter analysis, we find that the nonlinear coefficient can be much stronger than the one under natural conditions. By taking advantage of this nonlinear effect, we can achieve high fidelity photon-phonon Toffoli gate. In the presence of dissipation and noise, we calculate the implementation time and fidelity of Toffoli gate. In addition, the application of this protocol in universal fault-tolerant quantum computation is also analyzed. Our study provides an effective platform for hybrid quantum computation.